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The general email account for SBN2019 (the 23rd annual meeting of the Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology) has been closed down.


  • Gregory Demas, Biology, Indiana University (Chair)
  • Justin Garcia, Gender Studies, Indiana University
  • Kim Rosvall, Biology, Indiana University
  • G. Troy Smith, Biology, Indiana University
  • Mike Wasserman, Anthropology, Indiana University
  • Cara Wellman, Psychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University


  • Luke R. Remage-Healey, University of Massachusetts (Chair)
  • Alfonso Abizaid, Carleton University
  • Frances A. Champagne, University of Texas At Austin
  • Thierry Dominique Charlier, University of Rennes 1
  • Charlotte A. Cornil, University of Liege
  • Zoe Rebecca Donaldson, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Liisa Galea, The University of British Columbia
  • Allan Herbison, University of Otago
  • Hans A. Hofmann, University of Texas at Austin
  • Kim Huhman, Georgia State University
  • Simone L. Meddle, The Roslin Institute
  • Antonio A. Nunez, Michigan State University
  • Kevin Sinchak, California State University, Long Beach
  • Jessica Tollkuhn, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  • Alexa H. Veenema, Michigan State University
  • Larry James Young, Emory University


  • Rae Silver, Columbia University (President)
  • Elizabeth Atkins-Regan, Cornell University (Past President)
  • Barney Schlinger, University of California, Los Angeles (President Elect)
  • Joseph Lonstein, Michigan State University (Treasurer)
  • Brian Trainor, University of California, Davis (Secretary)